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2018 Fall Conference on Science Education

  OSTA is proud to be partnering with the Oregon Coast Aquarium to present the
2018 Fall Conference

Submissions for sessions and workshops is OPEN! 

Submission Deadline is April 30th

Please consider sharing your expertise with colleagues from all over the state.

Proposals submitted will be reviewed in May, with confirmations sent in June.


Strand 1: Navigating Phenomena-Based Storylines

Chair: Jomae Sica

Description: Students are naturally curious about the world around them and are constantly asking, “Why?” By beginning instruction with phenomena, it intrinsically motivates students to answer this question by utilizing the scientific and engineering practices to investigate the topic through inquiry and communicate their ideas through identifying patterns, making data-driven predictions, or presenting arguments from evidence or solutions. Once the phenomenon is introduced, students will inherently have more detailed questions that will drive daily instruction throughout the unit to add pieces to their sense-making. This creates a common theme throughout the unit that students return to thinking about after each lesson creating a coherent storyline. The sessions in this strand should demonstrate how to select phenomena for a unit, anticipate student questions to build the storyline, or demonstrate how utilizing phenomena has increased the use of the practices to increase relevance in learning.

Strand 2: Buoying Math and Literacy with Science and Technology Integration

Chair: Andy Byerley

Description: The process of making sense of phenomena and designing solutions to problems is full of opportunities to speak, listen, read, write, and reason mathematically. As a result of most instruction being broken into “silos” of content areas, students often see science, math, and literacy as separate disciplines with potentially little overlap. In reality, sense-making depends on collaboration and communication across disciplines. When done well, effectively integrating science and technology more fully into the curriculum can raise student achievement in math and literacy because students can utilize math in an authentic context and produce language necessary to communicate original ideas. The sessions in this strand should showcase lessons or units that effectively integrate science with math and/or literacy, or showcase instructional routines or practices that promote mathematical reasoning and/or language production among students.

Strand 3: Learning Where you Live with Place-Based Education (Coastal Learning Symposium Strand)

Chair: Sara Shaw Roberts

Description: Place-based education has become a recognized method for fostering academic achievement, engagement, and responsible citizenship in students of all ages. The goal of place-based learning is to help youth understand how everyone and everything in their community - both natural and cultural - is interconnected. Service learning, environmental explorations, and civic engagement are all used to help the next generation address some of today’s toughest challenges, starting at home. Sessions in this strand should share strategies for connecting students to their communities in deep and meaningful ways, introduce methods for forging relationships with community partners, and reveal the many benefits of this learning model.

 Conference Schedule:

Thursday, October 11th 

● Early Registration 

● Happy Hour & Networking

Friday, October 12th 

● General Session 

● Concurrent Sessions 

● Exhibitor Displays and Scavenger Hunt 

● Networking Opportunities 

● Awards Banquet and Celebration 

● Aquarium After Hours 

Saturday, October 13th 

● Local Area Tours 

● Deep Dive Workshops


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