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Thursday, October 10

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Friday, October 11

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8:00-8:50amConcurrent Sessions (see descriptions below)
9:00-10:30amKeynote address featuring Okhee Lee
10:40-11:30amConcurrent Sessions (see descriptions below)


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3:00-4:45pmConcurrent Sessions (see descriptions below)
6:30-8:30pmAwards Ceremony 

Saturday, October 12

Deep dive workshops and local area tours. See descriptions below.
These tours and workshops are separate registration from the Friday Conference.
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Power Up Your NGSS With Cool Tech Tools

In this session you will explore tech tools to amplify the engagement, collaboration, and dynamics of a 3-D NGSS lesson. First, an example lesson on oak ecology will be used to show a shift to NGSS and tech integration.

Next, you will explore tech tools such as Pear Deck, Google MyMaps, and PlayPosit to engage students in creating a collaborative, dynamic and engaging 3-D investigation. Time will be given for participants to explore the tech tools and begin designing or modifying a lesson that suits you. Participants are encouraged to bring your own device.

Location: Lane Community College
Time: 9am-12pm
Presenter: Mark Lewin, Enterprise Elementary School District

Culturally Responsive and Ambitious Science Teaching

This workshop session is designed to offer participants a structured learning experience to integrate culturally responsive teaching practices within three-dimensional sense-making activities in their science classrooms. As foundational documents, this workshop uses principles from Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain, The Dreamkeepers, Ambitious Science Teaching, and Responsive Teaching in Science and Mathematics.

In the workshop session, participants will practice using discussion talk moves that allow all students in a classroom to enter into the cultural sense-making process as well as how to elicit ideas from students, respond to their ideas, and plan for next steps in unit lesson planning. Further, participants will practice using a model-building activity that provides students the opportunity to collaboratively build an explanation of the phenomena based on prior knowledge and student led whole class discussions. Throughout this structure, students are given the opportunity to share their ideas, hear peers language and sense making process, take up and respond to each others initial explanations, engage in scientific dialogue, and provide the teacher with information on where to go next in the unit based on their own questions and interests.

Location: Lane Community College
Time: 9am-12pm
Presenters: Matt Stewart, Franklin High School, Portland and Julie Palmer

The West Eugene Wetlands

We will embark on a ½ mile; 1 ½ hour tour of the West Eugene Wetlands (WEW) before reconvening indoors to share ideas for activities and curriculum related to wetland ecosystem service values and strategies for preparing and engaging youth in field trips. The Wet Prairie in West Eugene is not only an imperiled habitat, but a critically important example of how cities balance the need for urban growth and environmental conservation. We will discuss how the wet prairie has been managed by people throughout the course of history beginning with the Kalapuya peoples to current management strategies.

Location: 751 S Danebo Ave, Eugene
Time: 9am-12pm
Presenters: Annie Carter and Ryan Collay, WREN

Oregon's Managed Forests

Participants will take a walking tour of a fourth generation working tree farm. During this field experience, participants will understand how forests are managed for timber while protecting soil, water, wildlife habitat, and recreation. We will tour management units of varying successional stages and discuss forest practices. Beautiful views and fresh air guaranteed! Participants should come with questions and expect to leave with teaching resources.

Location: Bauman Tree Farm - 84289 Territorial Rd. Eugene OR 97405
Time: 9am-12pm
Presenters: Beth Krisko and Lindsay Reaves, Forests Today and Forever

Equity and Inclusion at Outdoor School: Using Investigative and Student Centered Instruction to Create Equitable Learning Environments

Outdoor School for All means every student in Oregon deserves an inclusive, impactful, and high quality outdoor school experience. Join us and explore active teaching techniques that allow a student’s lived experience to be a part of their science investigations. Experience a framework in which students name what they notice, explore what they wonder about, seek meaning, and relate observations back to their own lives. Investigating natural science with this student centered approach allows learning to become more personally and culturally relevant. Be prepared to spend an hour of this session outdoors, rain or shine. Included in session will be updates on Oregon’s growing outdoor school programming, alignment with NGSS, and a review of the Outdoor School Instructional Resource Rubric.

Location: Lane Community College
Time: 9am-12pm
Presenters: Benno Lyon, Charissa Jones and Amy Hoffman, OSU Extension Outdoor School Program

Running in Sand: Matter and Interactions

Gain a deeper understanding of 3-dimensional instruction by participating in and experiencing a learning sequence surrounding the phenomenon of why it is harder to run in dry sand than in wet sand. In this session you will engage as a learner to design an investigation, share your data, learn new reading strategies and model an explanation for this phenomenon.


Time: 9am-12pm

Presenter: Berkeley Gadbaw, Catlin Gabel School


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