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2016 OSTA Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Science Teaching

Awards were presented to the following individuals at the Awards Event held at Theory, the Cafe at OMSI on Thursday, November 10, 2017.  We are very proud to have these teachers as members of the Oregon Science Teachers Association.

Here is a link to the awards program which can be downloaded.

Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching

The Presidential Award is the nation's highest honor for teachers of mathematics and science (including computer science). Awardees serve as models for their colleagues, inspiration to their communities, and leaders in the improvement of mathematics and science education. The following teachers have been selected as state finalists.   

State PAEMST Coordinator and ODE Science Specialist Jamie Rumage presented the awardees at the event at OMSI.

2014 National Finalist

Maureen Murphy-Foelkl

Chapman Hill Elementary


Maureen Murphy-Foelkl taught second through fifth grade at Chapman Hill Elementary School for 30 years. She also taught third grade general education in the Salem-Keizer School District. Currently, she is an Environmental Elementary Educator at Straub Environmental Center. Through her many grants, Maureen has actively involved her students with community watershed projects, partnering with city, state, and national agencies. Students enthusiastically join citizen science research projects to support activity-based learning. She initiated the school's first Family Science Night, in which she partnered with Oregon State University to engage families with hands-on investigations. Maureen embraces the Next Generation Science Standards by creating resources for the South Metro-Salem STEM Partnership leadership team. She is the Science Coordinator for her building and served on numerous district committees supporting transitions to Common Core State Standards. Maureen has presented at a variety of conferences modeling STEM units of study. She currently mentors teachers in forming partnerships with business and community associates. Maureen has a B.S. in elementary education from Oregon State University. She is certified to teach kindergarten through eighth grade.

 2015 National Finalist

Katharine Dean

Centennial High School


Katharine Dean has taught secondary science for 18 years, having spent the past three years teaching at Centennial High School. She currently teaches freshman Biology and junior/senior Anatomy and Physiology. Katharine strives to address the needs of all types of learners. She creates a collaborative learning community where all students can bring their strengths to the scientific process. She finds great satisfaction in the art of teaching by using her creative expression to provide classroom experiences that build confidence in her students and help them to recognize their innate ability to understand and participate in authentic science. Katharine has served at the local, county, and state levels to support the implementation of the Common Core, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and proficiency-based strategies. She is a member of the District Steering Committee to implement NGSS-aligned elementary curriculum, and is currently serving as the Building Science Instructional Leader. She has supported numerous student teachers and recently presented at the Western Region Noyce Conference about her use of education research to support classroom practice. Katharine earned a B.S. and M.S. in animal science from the University of California at Davis. She is certified to teach grades K–12 Biology and 7–12 Agricultural Science and Technology. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher.

 2016 State Finalists

Sharon Angal

Quatama Elementary School, Hillsboro

Terry Evers

Ewing Young Elementary School, Newberg

Outstanding Classroom Teaching Awards

One of the most important functions of your state’s professional organization is to recognize outstanding science educators across the state.  Your state organization selects several individuals for statewide and regional awards from nominations submitted by colleagues.  Consider nominating a deserving colleague of yours for next year!

OSTA President Jomae Sica presented the awardees at the event at OMSI

2016 OSTA Award Winners

The Duane Marshal Special Service to Science Education Award

Duane Marshall was an outstanding career teacher from Newberg High School, active in OSTA, and an important contributor to science education in Oregon.  This award in his name is intended to honor those individuals who, as classroom teachers, have made significant contributions to science teaching in their own classrooms and beyond. The awardee will be selected based on career longevity and body of work, statewide and regional influence, enthusiasm for science, and the ability to motivate students and colleagues alike. 

Michael Lampert

Nominated by: Maureen Foelkl  

West Salem High School


Michael Lampert gives unselfishly of himself to students, fellow teachers and the community.  He has written an insurmountable number of grants to increase hands-on learning in science at all grade levels. His students have achieved numerous awards and scholarships to pursue careers in the field of science.  Mr. Lampert travels to elementary and middle schools.  His students mentor and teach STEM subjects energetically during science nights and special events.  His unique rapport inspires students to believe that it’s not impossible to reach their dreams, respect themselves, and strive to help others to achieve. 

The Sunrise Scholarship

For teachers who have completed less than five years of full-time teaching, this scholarship is used to pay registration to attend two consecutive Oregon-hosted OSTA Conferences. Other expenses of attending the conferences are not covered. Recipients agree to volunteer to help out in some way at the second of these conferences, and are encouraged to attend OSTA board meetings to learn more about the organization. Scholarship winner will receive a free two-year membership in OSTA.

Kim de Young

Nominated by: Mickey Laney-Jarvis  

Allendale Elementary School

Grants Pass

Kim is an incredible (sort of famous in our part of Oregon) artist and story teller.  She has guaranteed that her 5th grade students at Allen Dale and all Allen Dale students are exposed to science in hands-on ways that tell a story about nature.  She is a creative and innovative teacher whose students study science in a holistic and very interactive way.  Her class snowshoes and does citizen science at Crater Lake, she and the other Allen Dale teachers run a science fair (and have community members and the school board judge), they fish with the Steelheader Group (local fishermen and conservationist group on the Rogue River), and do many other activities to build resilient students who have an inquisitive and respectful attitude about nature, learn to be civic and community minded, and preserve our wild spaces.

The OSTA Outstanding Classroom Teacher Awards

These awards are meant to recognize and honor the work of outstanding classroom teachers in the categories of Early Career (1-3 years of classroom experience), Elementary, Middle, and High School.  From every region in Oregon, awardees are selected based on their ability to motivate student achievement and excitement in science, community and administrative support, ability to support and mentor new and pre-service teachers, and overall contributions to the profession.

Region 1: Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Columbia & Clatsop Counties

Early Career Teachers

Nominated by: Justin Scalzo

Erin Boniface

St. Andrew Nativity School


Erin Boniface is an incredibly down-to-earth teacher. She makes difficult concepts easy and approachable, she calls on her own experiences to illustrate lessons for her students, and she connects the everyday to more advanced math and science ideas. Ms. Boniface is in her prime as a teacher. Her young age, use of language, soft but direct delivery, and sense of humor, afford her a unique and impressive connection with her students. Ms. Boniface makes middle school students energized and excited about science. Her creativity in lesson planning and delivery are present every day and her own enthusiasm is unwavering.

High School

Nominated by: Caitlin Everett

Jeff Crapper

Health and Science School


Jeff is an outstanding teacher who cares about each and every one of his students and their ability to succeed in his classroom and beyond. He has spent many hours to articulate nearly all of his courses for college credit; is Beaverton's studio teacher for science, meaning that he develops and models strategies for supporting language learners in science; teaches both biomedical CTE courses and science courses, and has become a strong teacher leader in our district, leading the way on engagement strategies, technology integration, and language supports.  He goes above and beyond for his students and his school!

Middle School

Nominated by: Nancy Lapotin

Darcy Gill

George Middle School


Darcy practices relationship based NGSS aligned teaching. She teaches STEAM with emphasis on the practices and cross cutting concepts. Recent PBLs  are a hacking cell phone challenge for loudness and designing solar cars. Her students are creating a 3D map of St. John's and building a boat. As a third year teacher her skills are well developed and her students are excited about STEAM learning.

Middle School

Nominated by: Melissa Dubois

Dylan McCann

Hazelbrook Middle School


Dylan has worked tirelessly over the past 2 years to connect his students to Science/STEM in the community.  In that time, he's probably had more than a dozen STEM professionals visit his classroom either in person or virtually through Oregon Connections to illustrate to students how the STEM concepts they learn in the classroom are used in the outside word.  He goes out of his way to attend PD and trainings that will allow him to bring more relevance to his students, including two in the last year on NASA space science and coding, and bringing invention to the classroom.

High School

Nominated by: Phil Gwin

Rodney Shroufe

Clackamas High School


Rod Shroufe is a lifelong advocate for inspiring and meaningful science education. He represents the best thinking around the Next Generation Science Standards and STEM. His courses are focused on pushing all students to do their best.  Whether he is challenging his AP Environmental Science students to design and build under water robotic vehicles, leading struggling students through the science of traditional primitive technology and engineering skills and , or mentoring student teachers in the creation of effective and innovative projects, Rod never wavers from his mission to teach everyone by pushing them to actually do science.

High School

Nominated by: Scott Kerman

Molly Sultany

Northwest Academy


Molly brings impactful experiences to her science students in and out of the classroom. Her classes are characterized by meaningful lab experiments, the integration of creative learning, Skype discussions with scientists in the field, and a tireless commitment to work with students individually. Molly has helped students receive grants for independent research, seek acclaim at science fairs and science writing/research competitions, and experience science internships i throughout Portland. Molly advises at least eight students/year in independent research. This work has inspired many students to seek opportunities in science in college. This year, thanks to Molly's guidance, two seniors were named the Oregon winners of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

Early Career Teachers

Nominated by: Stephen Scannell

Julie Trisel

Gresham High School


In her 2+ years at GHS, Julie has developed into a truly outstanding early-career science teacher.  She has been instrumental in our adoption of the Patterns Physics curriculum for 9th grade, taken on the Botany and greenhouse program, and this year, is teaching our first offering of IB Environmental Science, in which she has already piloted an engineering design project she helped develop through a project with Portland State.  She has been very active in pursuing PD opportunities to support her teaching. Julie has done an incredible job in developing her own teaching expertise through active participation in the profession and a love and passion for both science and her students.


Nominated by: Brian Hawkins

Jennifer Williams

Joseph Gale

Forest Grove

Jennifer was a driving force in developing NGSS aligned STEM lessons and units for our Kindergarten team. These lessons and units are in the process of being shared with kindergarten teachers at the other five elementary schools in the Forest Grove School district. She worked to combine literacy (reading and writing) and math into the STEM units along with identifying relevant activites for the students that would connect with their lives outside of school.

Region 2: Tillamook, Yamhill, Polk, Lincoln, & Benton Counties

Middle School

Nominated by: Colleen Henry

Michelle Clarno

Sweet Home Junior High

Sweet Home

Michelle is a leader in the building and a fantastic teacher.  Not only did she volunteer to be a part of the statewide science curriculum review committee over the summer, in 2013 she spearheaded NGSS middle level alignment and facilitated alignment meetings in our district 6 months ahead of ODE.  This fall, Michelle undertook the role of support teacher in our science department when we were unable to find a fully-endorsed science teacher.  Michelle stepped up to assist our temporary teacher with lesson planning, curriculum development and assessment in order to ensure all of our students receive a solid foundation in science.

Middle School

Nominated by: Melissa Dubois

Toni Hanson

Mountain View Middle School


Toni has been in a critical STEM teacher-leader in our region.  She self-lessly shares her time and work with other teachers in our region, and accepted a half-time position this year as a school STEM coach.  She has attended nearly every voluntary PD we've ever offered, and has been a strong proponent (And trainer) for Oregon Connections, bringing STEM professionals into her classroom to illustrate real-world STEM careers and applications to her students. 

Middle School

Nominated by: Colleen Henry

Mark Holden

Sweet Home Junior High

Sweet Home

Mark lives the life of a scientist everyday, and runs his classroom like an efficient machine.  There is no detail too small to escape scrutiny and inquiry.  His lesson plans are works of art - he's passionate, curious, and a solid member of our teaching staff. 

High School

Nominated by: Maureen Foelkl

Greg Smith

West Salem High


Greg is always willing to be involved with the elementary programs down at Chapman Hill Elementary.  This year my students were able to learn about 3D printing through his students.  He's involved with South Metro-Salem STEM Hub where he not only gives his time but willing to assist others to with their engineering projects.  I highly recommend Greg for this honor.

High School

Nominated by: Laura Foley

Emmet Whittaker

Lebanon High School


Mr. Whittaker is a former engineer who has let the science department in the high school and middle school to embrace the engineering design process while utilizing the scientific method through STEM practices. These practices have become the way in which our science teachers utilize best practices in their facilitation of student learning. In addition, Mr. Whittaker has become an outstanding leader in the high school, promoting college and career readiness through his connections with industry and his experiences internationally. He recently has become an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) instructor and the AVID  system coordinator for the high school. In this capacity, he directs and facilitates professional development that emphasizes equity for all students resulting in a shift in the school and district's culture to one of inclusion and high expectations for all students and staff while building strong communication systems of support for parents and community members and local businesses.


Nominated by: Athena Lodge

Stacy Zaback

Kings Valley Charter School


Stacey has brought science to a new level at our elementary school.  She started with involving other teachers into science related development opportunities and working with partners outside of the school.  Our elementary students are involved in community restoration projects and hands-on learning about macro-invertebrates to name a few! Stacey continues to stretch her students thinking as well, with being more critical thinkers globally, not just locally.

Region 3: Lane, Douglas, Coos & Curry Counties


Nominated by: Kim Finch

Allison Kreider

Howard Elementary School


Allison is splitting her year between being a 3rd grade classroom teacher, and being the sole science TOSA in the Eugene School District 4J. She is responsible for implementation of the new K-5 science adoption, organizing and delivering exceptional science professional development, overseeing the materials management and defining new collaborative partnerships with our existing community science partners. Along the way, she is also in a brand new STEM elementary school and is helping our district define STEM teaching and learning at the elementary level. Her dedication, drive and conviction about science education is a model for all of us!

Middle School

Nominated by: Diana Sweeden

Nicholas Krissie

Lincoln Middle School


Mr. Nicholas Krissie teaches with a contagious enthusiasm that inspires  students to think and achieve at high levels. He has been recognized nationally in the areas of STEM and project-based learning and teaching during his previous three year tenure as a fifth grade teacher. In his current role as the Lincoln Middle School 6-8 science teacher, Nick is actively transitioning the Lincoln science program from a traditional science approach to a STEM approach that aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards. He is forward-thinking and innovative, bringing real world examples to the platform while challenging students to think and learn through applied curiosity.

High School

Nominated by: Mike Narkiewicz

Loren Shaw

Glide High School


Mr. Shaw is one of the best Science teachers I have seen in twenty-three years as an administrator.  At a small high school such as Glide, we are fortunate to have him.  Many times larger school districts get all the accolades. 

Mr. Shaw has taken many students to Seattle to the labs and universities to study forensic science and lab techniques.  This is a fabulous experience for our students.  It motivates them and inspires them to further their science studies.  We have added several curriculum opportunities for our students because of these science trips to Seattle.  He also exposes them to many academic contacts which have greatly benefited our students in furthering of their education. Mr. Shaw makes certain every science student in his classes are engaged.  His labs for high school students are incredible.  He does all this with huge class sizes.  His best attribute is HE CARES!!  As a parent of one of his students, I receive well thought out emails regarding my son.  Mr. Shaw should be a strong candidate for this award.

Region 4: Josephine, Jackson, Klamath & Lake Counties

High School

Nominated by: Tanya McVay

Lana Crumrine

Klamath Union

Klamath Falls

Lana has been a science teacher at Klamath Union for 18 years. She teaches biology, chemistry and college level anatomy. Over 85% of her students receive college level credit for her classes. She is an enthusiastic and giving teacher.  Her creative approaches keep students engaged and excited to learn.  Just last year, my daughter was struggling to stay interested in Chemistry, but within a few weeks of Lana’s class, she volunteered to design and conduct extra experiments to learn more about pH.  What a transformation!  I cannot tell you how many dinner conversations start with Mom, did you know…” following by discussion of various topics from Lana’s classes.

   She helps explore career paths by organizing activities outside the classroom: professional exploration at St. Charles Medical Center and tours of OIT are just a few examples.

   Lana is a well-respected member of the school community.  She is an integral part of school improvement team and is the chair of her science PLC.  She also is one of two teachers in the district who volunteered to be a trainer on SMART goals for their SLG evaluations.  Lana also volunteered for training in San Diego to be a lead teacher in implementing AVID in the schools.  Lana sits on the district CLASS design team committee and is one of four blueprint chairs.  Lana attends state trainings with the personnel director and superintendent on leading the district in professional development and staff evaluations.

Middle School

Nominated by: Karina Rizo

Kaaren Embertson

White Mountain Middle School

White City

Kaaren has an incredibly engaging and successful science classroom where all students are held to very high expectations.  Her students love being in her class and demonstrate enthusiasm while completing complex tasks and using academic language to express their thinking.  Not only does Kaaren do a great job teaching science, but she also teaches three levels of English Language Development and uses those skills and techniques to help our 100% high poverty students be successful across all content areas.  As the building principal, I love observing Kaaren in her science classes and appreciate her excitement, professionalism, and passion for her work.

Early Career Teachers

Nominated by: Margaret Penrrow & Julie Barry

Ryan King

Ruch Community K-8


From Margaret Penrrow:

Ryan makes science meaningful and locally relevant to his students, by centering his instruction around place-based learning. From his first year at Ruch, he has been a leader in helping colleagues making place-based learning a central part of the curriculum across grade levels at the K-8 school. Ryan shares his enthusiasm for science with his students in ways that make sense to them, get them curious about how the world works, and excite them about careers in science!

From Julie Barry:

Ryan King has proven over and over again that his students and their academic, social, health and wellness success are first priority. Ryan's practices include that of offering the students experiences that are highly engaged, hands on and applicable to their everyday life. He includes, in his instruction, concepts that are student driven. Students are encouraged and trained to be aware of their community issues and then collaboratively come up with solutions to increase the health and wellness of their environment around them. He engages them in activities that raise their awareness of others around them and their impact on them. Love, care, share is a common theme in his classrooms along with Grateful Thursdays. He plans field experiences throughout the year that include sustainability efforts not only for our school but the community at large. He engages in grant writing to fund his amazing programs and he is an active participant in his community. He shares his practices nationally and has been recognized at conferences, local organizations and internationally with Service Learning Organizations.

Region 5: Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam, Wheeler, Morrow, Umatilla & Grant Counties

High School

Nominated by: Rachel Aazzerah

Kathryn Davis

Hood River Valley High School

Hood River

Kathryn Davis is a science teacher at Hood River Valley High School in Hood River, Oregon. She has been teaching science for 13 years. Kathryn is a Stanford graduate, Teach For America Bay Area alumni, and Amgen Biotechnology Experience teacher. She is currently working as a Professional Growth Coach for her school district and is excited to be a part of Teaching Channel’s Tch Next Gen Science Squad. Connect with her on Twitter: @biokathryn. Please see the article that was written by her about NGSS implementation.


Nominated by: Jodie Harnden

Celia Hampton

Washington Elementary


Celia is a career educator who has consistently made science a priority, even when others may not. She incorporates science into other areas to ensure students have experiences with science skills and processes, along with content. Celia's students arrive in middle school more enthusiastic and more knowledgeable about science than other students. Earth science projects may dominate, and Celia leads students on an adventure that builds science instruction from the ground up.

Region 6: Jefferson, Cook, Deschutes, & Harney Counties


Nominated by: Connie Robbins

Carolyn Koskela

Frenchglen School


"Ms. K" has been an outstanding educator for many years.  She works wonderfully with her 6-8th grade students in Frenchglen; always expecting the best from her kids.   She has helped me to begin to create a science program that will hopefully close a gap in science between the 7 rural districts that filter into my school, Crane Union High.  She has worked with me in training with the NGSS standards and disseminating that training she and I learned to other teachers in the rural districts. She helped me write a grant that allowed us to create a science trailer for these districts to use and practice. For these and many more reasons is why I nominate her for this award!


4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd, #1025
Portland, Oregon

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